About Me

Hi! my name is Itzel, and I am a weight loss expert, personal trainer

and fitness nutritionist.

Right! I can hear you saying. What does she know about struggling to lose weight? Look at her! she probably lives on organic kale and 3-times filtrated water.

But you are wrong! I'm not too fond of kale. The truth is that I had my fair share of struggles with my health.


For a time, I was a high-performance athlete with abs of steel! All was great until it wasn't.


All started to go wrong with my separation from my husband of 16 years. After he left me, I couldn't get it together! I was living on bread and cookies, drinking far too much wine, and had no motivation to move. It wasn't until my doctor told me what I didn't want to hear: that my cholesterol was out of the charts, that I showed signs of insulin resistance, and had to start taking antidepressants that I got it.


I had to do something and do it pronto!

Two things help me get my body, health, and sanity back: my dogs, Luna and Jersey, and my fitness and nutrition knowledge. I made it back, and I can help you to do the same.


Let me show you!