Online Trainer

Online Trainer

The Guidance You Need to Improve or Start Exercising, Anywhere you are!

As a professional Personal Trainer, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. As an online trainer, my method is to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule and more importantly, fitness goals. I aim to transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.

What is included in an online training program?

  • Get a tailored to your needs and goals program you can do at home, in the gym or outdoors! With or without equipment.

  • Don't follow another cookie-cut Youtube class! Follow your own program and get closer to your goals, one workout at a time!

  • 100% Online Fitness & Nutrition Advice

  • What it's included:

  • Tailored to your goals Programs & Workouts

  • Free resistance loops for an effective home workout

  • 2 x 30 minutes video calls a month, your trainer is here, with you all the way! 

  • Diet, supplementation and nutritional advice

  • Healthy Habits 

  • Assessments and accountability

  • Goal setting & review 

  • Customised programs that are driven by your results

  • Check-ins and all the support and advice you may need!

  • Access to a mobile app, stay connected to your online trainer, do it all from home!

A Group Fitness Class with Itzel

Is more fun in a group class!

I have been a fitness instructor for over 10 years, love the movement, the music and the results! and here you have a chance to try one of my classes. if you are into Yoga or Pilates. if you enjoy Body Pump, Body Balance or Body Attack by Les Mills. Or you prefer to focus on core or butt workouts. If you like to be part of a fun and supporting groups, come and find out where I am teaching next!

Group Fitness Class