5 Yoga poses for couples

February is the month of doing things together! And what’s better thing to do in good company that yoga!

So, grab a mat, grab a water bottle, grab a partner and let’s get into it!

The only rule is to have fun. Explore, be supportive and encourage your partner to explore as well!

1. Partner forward fold

Benefits: This easy yoga pose for two stretches the hamstrings

What it looks like:

How to do it:

Sit opposite your partner with both of your legs wide apart and straightened out in front of you. Place the soles of your feet against your partners and take hold of each other’s forearms. One of you then slowly hinges forward from the hips while the other pulls you gently towards them. Keep going until you feel a deep stretch in your hamstrings, and then hold the pose here for a few breaths. Then slowly come back up and swap over, with the 2nd person this time bending forwards and the first person pulling them gently towards you. Again hold this position for a few breaths when they feel a stretch in their hamstrings.

2. Seated cat-cow

Benefits: This couples yoga pose is a great stretch for the hips, core and back, and it also helps open up the chest

What it looks like:

How to do it: This is a variation of the classic cat-cow move. Sit cross-legged opposite your partner and hold securely onto one another’s forearms. Next, find equal resistance between you and your partner and both draw your shoulders back and down. Inhale and slowly lift both your heads pushing out your chests simultaneously. Essentially this is the cow pose but in seated form. Hold this position for a moment, and then both exhale.

As you breathe out, you both tuck in your chin to your chest and round out your upper back. Look towards your belly button to keep your back rounded and ensure you feel a stretch in your shoulder blades too. This is the cat pose in a seated position. Hold this pose for a few seconds, and then slowly alternate between the cat and cow positions a few times. This pose will require communication to ensure you are in sync.

3. Heart Opener and Spinal Twist