Do you need a health coach?

Well yes, but only if you are looking for success and accountability

For many of us, making a significant lifestyle change is hard, and doing it alone is pretty close to impossible.

A good, strong support system is important if you are going to take that leap of faith and give it your best to change your life, lose weight, go Vegan, try intermittent fasting or go back to University. But even if the change you look for is small and seems manageable, it needs a good safety net from your support system if it’s going to be a lasting one.

A Study published in 2018 shows that social support, from friends, family and professionals improves health and well-being, and people with strong support networks are more likely to lose weight and keep it off for longer, compared to those who don’t have the same support.

Friends and family should form this support system. But also, it’s important to include health professions. When building your support network, think about your GP or family doctor, your midwife (if applicable), a health coach, personal trainer, dietitian and fitness professional. A health coach will provide guidance, knowledge, tips, programs, but must important accountability to increase the success of weight loss intervention.

And even more important than losing weight it’s to keep it off! While groups for weight loss like Weight Watchers and Slim World have proved some success on getting people to slim down, only with the accountability that a health coach in your team gives, you will be more likely to keep the weight off and make time lasting effective lifestyle changes.

On the study Expert Coaching in Weight Loss: Retrospective Analysis, over a thousand overweight participants, received regular one-to-one meetings with a health coach, a specific diet and personalized weight management, this intervention was remote and online-based. This study specifically examined the association between different methods of coaching-participant interaction and weight loss. It demonstrated that the health coach intervention was a significant predictor of weight loss in contrast with those doing a program on their own. Feedback on exercise and food logs as well as online-based exercise programs with expert coaches improved the participants’ engagement in their journey, improving their chances of reducing fat and losing weight.

Creating a support network and leaning on it is important for the success of your weight loss journey, and if you need the guidance, knowledge and accountability of a Health Coach, I’ve got you covered!

Whether or nor you have a clear health goal in mind, you want to lose weight, increase muscle or tone. Or you want to try going vegetarian, vegan or exploring intermittent fasting.

Lemonpura offers you expert coaching to support your health goals. Exercise, nutrition, illness recovery, injury prevention, meditation or sleep, make an appointment for a free call and let’s plan your life-changing program together!

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