February offer: Share the love, when two become, stronger, slimmer, healthier, and one!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Do you and your significant other want to eat better, move better and feel better?
Do you want to improve your nutrition and exercise?
Do you want to do it together?
You can! Start today, do it together, support each other and get swimming suit ready in just 12 weeks.

If you and your best half (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, neighbour, brother, sister, cousin or favourite pet!) are willing to take the virtual training at the same time, workout together, support each other and make each other accountable for your progress and success. Then all you need to do is book an appointment!

Sign in for a 12-week program for only 106 GBP a week

Yes, that's right! Only 53 GBP for each of you! It includes two virtual sessions per week, daily workouts, nutritional advice, daily habit-forming activities, advice on sleep, recovery and stress-reducing activities and all the support you both may need for success.

Book your appointment before February 28th and start your journey towards a healthier, slimmer, stronger couple!

Book now!

T&C Training and nutritional programs will be individualized, but all virtual sessions must be taken together and at the same time. Payment is made monthly or weekly. The total cost of the 12 weeks program for two with this offer is the same as the total cost of a 12 weeks program for one, and it includes all the benefits of a 1-2-1 training. The total value of the offer is 1,272 GBP for a 12 weeks program.

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