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A coach, fitness instructor, personal trainer, yoga teacher and exercise nutrition coach story

Hi! my name is Itzel, and I am a weight loss expert, personal trainer and fitness nutritionist.

Right! I can hear you saying. What does she know about struggling to lose weight? Look at her! she probably lives on organic kale and 3-times filtrated water.

But you are wrong! I'm not too fond of kale. The truth is that I had my fair share of struggles with my health.

For a time, I was a high-performance athlete with abs of steel! All was great until it wasn't.

All started to go wrong with my separation from my husband of 16 years. After he left me, I couldn't get it together! I lived on bread and cookies, drank far too much wine, and had no motivation to move. It wasn't until my doctor told me what I didn't want to hear: that my cholesterol was out of the charts, that I showed signs of insulin resistance, and had to start taking antidepressants that I finally got it.

I had to do something and do it pronto!

Two things help me get my body, health, and sanity back: my dogs, Luna and Jersey, and my fitness and nutrition knowledge. I made it back; I feel great, healthy, strong, and in love with my body, and I can help you do the same.

Lemonpura is my philosophy in practice. Change your habits, and you will change your life! No crazy diets, no exhausting exercise routines, nothing more than consistency and dedication.

Let me show you how!

Send me a message to and let's have a chat!

In health & Fitness

Itzel x

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