Online training. Why is the hype?

Online Personal Training - Working-out your way into cyberspace. But, is it effective?

2020 happened, and the entire world went online. And it may never come out of it, why? Because for you and me, it’s more convenient that way!

Online personal fitness training has become as popular as face to face on a gym floor training. The internet offers the ability to receive instruction from a qualified fitness trainer in the privacy of your home or office and even while travelling.

What makes losing weight in cyberspace so appealing?


Many people would like to join a health club but do not have access to one due to location, schedule, caring for children or simply the time to get to the gym.

This is where online fitness training is a win-win situation because it provides an effective way to receive fitness advice and guidance from a fitness expert.

When it’s true that you will find similar programs offered on the internet for free, youtube clips and classes, a certified personal trainer will design an online training program specifically for you based on your individual profile. They will consider your age, exercise and medical history, fitness level and goals, available equipment, stress load, sleep patterns and many other factors. And to get results, all this is important.

Online training is an effective, safe and convenient way to lose weight, tone your body and improve your health in the privacy of your own home. If you have trouble staying motivated, knowing what to do or want a little extra help, this is a viable option available to you.

But just like other workout programs, you have to follow the workout schedule and eat nutritious meals to reach your goals. But at least with online training, you can train when and where it is convenient for you. In the comfort of your own home!

And if this is not enough to get those cyber juices going, then maybe this list of benefits will help:

  • Affordability – At your gym, a personal trainer will charge you per hour session, it will be up to you to pay for more than one session a week. On line, all sessions live on your account. You can workout anytime and anywhere you want! Unlimited training for the same price!

  • Communication – On a one-to-one session, you have one hour. One hour to talk about your diet, your injuries, your progress or lack of it, your next 5k run and do a workout! On line, you have all the relevant information available at any time you need it! You will text, call and video your trainer and get a routine chicking in on your app! From workouts to habits to articles and videos, all you need is available to you!

  • Access to an Expert – Do you want to workout with a celebrity trainer? Be trained by a triathlete master in Kona? Or learn to prepare healthy food with an international chef based in France? Well, you may not find them in your local gym, but working with an online personal trainer means they don’t even have to be on the same continent as you! You can find the perfect personal trainer suited to your fitness goals and needs, anywhere in the world, no more restrictions!

  • Motivation and Accountability – Are you still thinking that PT motivation is a slap on the back? Or that you won’t finish the workout without your trainer flicking a wet towel at your legs? Or maybe that there won’t be results without an angry face shouting and spitting at you ‘give me 10 more!!’. Think again, an exercise professional is much more than a playground bully, and you will get much better results without any of this involved!

  • Seeing Results! – Online, everything is trackable! You will know all of your statistics, all you have ever done, changes and results. You will have the power to change, challenge and modify your program. Accountability works both ways!

  • Safety – yes, alright! You can find an Olimpic Lifting DIY video and lift 300lb over your head, sure! But your online personal trainer will see you, talk to you, record videos for you to view and make you move safely and efficiently. That is his/her job!

Either way, the fitness world is always changing and adapting for you to keep moving! So explore and find your way to a healthier, fitter you. Online or in person, in a Studio or the road, a class or a team. The fitness arena is open for all!

Remember to take care of your body, is the only one you have!

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