Stay fit, even during lockdown!

Do you have the feeling that you are doing everything right and it’s just not working?

You know, when you eat right most of the time, exercise a few times a week, cutting back the booze because it says in an article that you should, and skipping breakfast to be a bit “intermittent” but not losing any weight?

Or maybe you are losing some weight by being very strict on your diet, but fat is not shifting? And with the gyms being closed at the moment, exercise is just not happening?

Or perhaps you did lose weight and fat and are doing great on that exercise and diet regimen. But now you have reached the most feared plateau, and now nothing is happening? Are you stagnant on that grey zone where no matter what you do, it is just not working?

The good news is that you are doing everything right! Pat yourself on the back for the resilience you’ve shown on taking care of your health and fitness!

And the best news? You can improve. You can always do better, be better, be healthier, fitter and find the body you love spending your life in.

Think of your health and fitness as a continuum. It has never been about being perfect or doing things perfectly! It is about being just a little bit better each day. You only need to be 1% better than you were yesterday! And then, if you can repeat that every day, you will find that your dreamed body and your ideal weight are just around the corner! And you can keep it for the rest of your life, without the need for strict diets or challenging exercise routines!

How do you move your fitness and nutrition in a continuum?

Well, at Lemonpura I have created a system that works, it really works!

How? by adopting good habits.

It is simple. You don’t have to count calories or points or macros if your habit is to eat healthily and in moderation. You can be on holidays, at a party or an all-you-can-eat, awesome food buffet and enjoy everything without expanding your waistline if your habit is to enjoy every bite without overeating. You can take a break of your exercise regimen if you are sick or nursing an injury or just because you don’t fancy doing CrossFit today without the fear of ruining your fitness! If you have the habit of staying fit without extreme routines, or even without exercising at all!

Get the idea? If you have a slim and healthy person’s habits, it doesn’t matter the circumstances, that is exactly who you are!

Try it now!

Choose something you want to be better at, and improve it by 1%. Let’s say, you want to lose some weight, and you know that if you move more you will burn more calories during your day. But exercise is something you can’t be bothered to do!

So, starting today, sit on a chair, place your hands on your lap and pressing your heels on the floor stand up. That is it! You are done. Congratulations! You just did a squat, utilizing muscles of your legs, bum, back and core. Keep doing it every day. Every single day sit on a chair and stand up, do a squat every day. One day you will feel that you can do two squats, and from then onwards do two squats. Then, in a few weeks, you will be doing 3, 4, 5 squats!

Keep on going until you can do 10 squats with your hands on your lap. Guess what? You have a new habit! You are exercising, building muscle, burning calories, and your legs are looking great!

I can do that! But how do I go on adopting new healthy habits?

You follow the four pillars of health and fitness that create the Lemonpura framework:

Meals. Eat the food that you love! Nutritious, tasty, filling, enjoyable food that makes you happy and sustains your daily activities.

Movement. Burn calories throughout the day. No more relying on doing 1-hour spin class to burn calories if they are in the burner as we speak!

Metabolic activation. Build and sustain muscle, protect joints, increase bone density, improve cardiovascular and metabolic health by following an exercise routine specific to your needs and abilities, and that makes you happy.

Mindfulness. Have you heard the say “to improve fitness focus on rest and recovery”? This is a big part of the Lemonpura philosophy. Mindfulness, self-awareness, relaxation and stress relief are often the part that makes or breaks a health and fitness routine!

If your long runs are taking your nowhere, if your strict diet is getting on your nerves, if you find it impossible to stay fit during the lockdown or hitting a plateau has stopped your progress, then it is time for you and me to have a chat!

Book a free consultation and let’s find out how I can help you to overcome that sticky problem you have at the moment and move forward on your health and fitness journey! I would love to hear your ideas and learn your goals.

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Itzel Ramirez-Garcia

Take care of your body, it's the only one you have!

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