The Benefits of Online Fitness Training vs. Gym Based Training

Updated: Mar 9

Both online fitness training and gym based are great ways to get in shape. Virtual workouts are often more convenient, comfortable, and instill confidence.

Online Fitness Training vs. Gym Based

As the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course, your fitness routine has probably changed over the past year. Instead of hitting the gym several days a week, you might be sitting at home trying to figure out ways to get moving. By now, though, you may have found an online workout that fits your lifestyle and schedule. With plenty of home workouts to choose from, you should be able to achieve or maintain your fitness goals without leaving the house. As the pandemic eases, you can decide whether to continue your virtual training program or make your return to the gym.

Virtual Workouts are More Convenient

One of the best things about online training programs is that you can choose a convenient day and time for your workout. Morning, noon, or night, your virtual training will be waiting when you are ready to slip into comfortable clothes and complete your routine. Here are some other benefits:

  • You can work out alone or invite a friend or you may even want to include the kids.

  • Do your home workouts at your own pace without feeling rushed or pressured.

  • If you miss your regular session, you can catch up later to get back on track.

  • You can slow down or repeat part of the workout to be sure you get it right.

  • You might also want to skip over any challenging exercises until you get more familiar with the overall routine.

  • You can even consult with a health coach by Zoom or facetime on your phone as you get ready for your virtual exercise session. Discuss your goals and develop a workout routine with your coach. Then, occasionally meet virtually to go over your progress to date as well as any updated or adjusted workout objectives and long-term goals.

  • There's no need to gas up the car, navigate hazardous weather, maneuver through traffic, and find a parking spot at the gym.

You don't have to sign in or out, take the kids to the childcare area, or make small talk with casual acquaintances as you try to complete a timely exercise session.

  • Nor will you need to pack a gym bag with fresh clothes, deodorant, and shower products if you plan to bathe there afterward.

  • You won't need to watch the clock to rush and make it to your spinning class on time or change clothes before or after your class.

  • You can do everything needed for your fitness routine in your home at your own convenience.

Home Workouts for Women can be very Comfortable